Introducing the Blog!!

I haven’t the first idea about being a professional blogger. I am not paid for any of my writing, I don’t work in Journalism, I have never written a senior thesis. All I know is that there is a certain level of creativity within me that I can’t let go unnoticed any longer.

Hey, my name is Nick George. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am very excited to have launched a platform where I can freely express my thoughts and experiences. Doubling my giddiness is the fact that you, the reader, probably already appreciate free-form writing. Which is why you are here, right?

Right, a bit about me…

I am currently writing while living abroad in Australia. Melbourne is the city that claimed me. Originally hailing from Orlando, Florida..I have immersed myself into a completely new environment, lifestyle, culture. All of which I hoped for. I came here alone, just having a little bit of family here on my dad’s side. Now, as I navigate the newness, I can’t help but notice my subconscious telling me there is a bigger reason for my move. Of course, there’s reasons for starting the blog too. But I don’t know all of those answers yet. Consider it pending…

I grew up in America(Florida). My father is Australian, ma is from Louisiana. I always felt a connection to both sides of the family, but never explored my Australian side up until the point of January 1st, 2019. The day I landed in Melbourne. I have always thought there has to be more to life than getting the degree and the 9-5 job. Obviously there is, I knew this. I felt it, and just didn’t yet know what that meant. Or how I was gonna find it. Less Obviously is why we never follow that voice in our heads that screams for us to be ourselves, to do something different. Try something! I smile, in this moment of me typing this part of the passage, for the people that come to mind when I think of someone who is living on their own terms. I envy them, and respect them more than the one who seems to be doing everything “right.” I want to live my life through those values. Listening to that voice. Wether it creates success or failure, I am prepared to accept whatever it leads to.

So, The move from Florida to Australia?

Like I said, I’ve always felt a calling to Australia, at first thinking it was to see my dad again after 7 years of him being separated from us. Maybe to understand him more and see where he came from, and what that side of me is. As I think about it more and more, and my perspective of myself changes from narcissistic to understanding, I realize I really came here to fulfill an overall connection to the world. To grow, to live, and do so on my own terms. Now, don’t think I am adopting a “nobody-can-tell me-what-to-do” attitude. Actually, one of the reasons for writing publicly, and not just in a private journal, is for the possibility that I can hear opinions from other people out there. In a time where “community” has been taken out of so many neighborhoods, where people barely talk to each other in public anymore, I want us to at least have our own community right here.


In Australia, the Aboriginal society has a term for this sort of thing. ‘Walkabout’. It is a rite of passage during which males undergo a journey into the wilderness for a period as long as six months. Typically at age 10-16. This six month voyage serves as the spiritual and traditional transition into manhood. When I think about it, not many societies still practice a form of rite of passage for young men. And if I think about it deeper, maybe we need something? The native Americans rite of passage came in the form of a vision quest. the boy would spend 4-5 days in nature, alone. His goal was to have a vision that could help him better understand his purpose in life. The idea being that once this boy understood himself better, he would now have his strength for the rest of his life, and would significantly change his status in society. Now, I believe in the empowerment of women. Only a silly person could deny the necessity for women in this world. The absolute value they offer, often times more than men can offer. I am lucky enough to have a mother and a sister that open my eyes daily to the gift nature has given us with women. With that said, we need men to understand themselves and their purpose for their life. I think a lot of people don’t, and we have a lot of mental struggles going on in 2019, wether they show it or not. It seems that any time you are lucky enough to have a below the surface level conversation with someone, when they actually open can find that almost everyone experiences some form of “uhhh what am I doing?” in their thoughts. I feel that by going out and discovering the world along with myself, I can share these expressions through this platform and hope that someone reads and connects to it.

I look forward to this. Thank you.